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Friends of the ForestThe Friends of the Forest is a story of sharing and inclusion for the youngest section. Complete with original illustrations.  
 Wolf Cubs Handbookby Sir Robert Baden-Powell
Sixteen bites of information on the original Wolf Cub program. Describes the purpose and methods of Wolf Cubs. Also available in the WFIS edition.
Note that this book was written many years ago and some language may offend, however when read with the intent it was written, it explains the program well.   
The Jungle Bookby Rudyard Kipling
The basis of the Wolf Cub program is the Jungle Book by B.-P,’s friend Rudyard Kipling. The story of how Mowgli was accepted into the Pack and grew up among the wolves.   
The Cubmasters First Yearby Sir Robert Baden-Powell
The must read for new and existing Cubmasters. Complete with original illustrations.
A BPSA edition is also available. 
Games for Cubsby Many Old Wolves – A fantastic collection of games to support the Wolf Cub program plus other ages as well. Different chapters for different types of games make this an invaluable resource. 
Aids to Scoutmastershipby Sir Robert Baden-Powell
The fundamental manual for Scout Leaders. Describes the purpose and methods of Scouting. Complete with original illustrations.
The WFIS Edition is here  
Scouting For Boysby Sir Robert Baden-PowellThe definitive manual for Scouts. This is the book that started Scouting. Complete with original illustrations by B-P. 1954 “Brotherhood Edition”.
The book consists of introductions for Scouters, 26 “Campfire Yarns” for Scouts and a summary. WFIS Edition is also available in pdf, epub and print.
 Scoutmaster’s First Year
The 1948 edition of this popular and informative manual for new Scout Leaders.
Great ideas to promote a great program for 11-17 yr olds.  
 Sea Scouting For Boysby Sir Robert Baden-Powell.
A 1910 introduction to Sea Scouting written by B-P for Scoutmasters and organizers that want to offer scouting with a nautical option. 
Sea Scouting and Seamanship for Boysby Warington Baden-Powell, KCA
Full Sea Scout manual published in 1911 by Sir Robert’s older brother Warington. 
Tenderfoot to Queen’s Scout1955 edition of the basic Canadian Scout manual. 
 Scouting Gamesby Sir Robert Baden-Powell.
A collection of games written by the Founder specifically for boys  
Rovering to Successby Sir Robert Baden-Powell
The foundation of the Rover program. “A guide for young manhood.”
Note: Many of these books were written long ago and may contain wording that is not politically correct today.

Good Scouting / Good Hunting !