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Thanks for visiting the BPSA of Alberta!
The BP Service Association is a traditional scouting organization that offers Alberta youth and adults the opportunity to play the game of scouting the way its founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, originally intended.
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Members of the 25th Edmonton BPSA group on a summer canoeing expedition
In traditional style Scouting we preserve as much as possible Baden-Powell's original ideas, programs, ethics, principles and morals.  We continue to wear the traditional style uniform, complete with Stetson hat or beret.  Within this, however, we are still part of the wider Scouting Movement and as such we move forward with the times by keeping up to date with the very latest technology, child protection and other legislation and safety in both outdoor education and water operations.
In addition to providing a program that upholds Baden-Powell's Scouting legacy we are pleased to be able to do so in a very affordable and cost effective manner. This allows youth and families from any walk of life to have traditional scouting within their means.
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 /B-P.jpg/14th Otter.jpg
 Our founder: Lord Robert           An Otter from the 14th Dragon Lake group
        Baden-Powell                           on one of many field trips!
What do we have for you?
/Canoeing at Puntchesakut.jpgWe offer fun, exciting, outdoor based activities, that are decided on by the interests of the participants.  Our program provides age appropriate progression so that members continuously have opportunities that provide challenge, growth and leadership development.  Check out our Program page for details.
Canoeing at summer camp
We are an all inclusive organization and welcome everyone to come have fun with us.  Our aim, as stated by B-P himself, is to promote good citizenship and wholesome physical and mental development; and training in habits of observation, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, and useful life skills.

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Federation of Independent Scouts. Please note that the Alberta BPSA provincial council is not affiliated with, nor part of, Scouts Canada or any other WOSM organization.
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