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The Alberta Council currently supports groups in the south and central portions of the province.  If there is no group near you please contact us as we can assist you with setting up a Traditional Scouting group in your location.  See below for further details of our existing groups.
/rope.gif70th Mighty Calgary
The 70th group operates an Otter Raft, Timber Wolf Pack and an Explorer/Senior Explorer Troop.  For group information please contact Rick at rickryan@bpsa-ab.ca.
/rope.gif1st Carseland
The Carseland group operates an Otter Raft, Timber Wolf Pack and an Explorer Troop.  For group information please contact Mike at mikeschappert@abnet.ca.
1st Ponoka
The Ponoka group meets in their very own Scout Hall which used to be quite common.  You don't get much more traditional than that!
The Ponoka group operates an Otter Raft, Timber Wolf Pack and an Explorer/Senior Explorer Troop.  For group information please contact Maurice at firstponoka@gmail.com.
25th Edmonton
The 25th group has a storied scouting history and has been operating under it's original sponsor, Edmonton ChristChurch, since its inception in 1929.
The 25th group operates all sections, an Otter Raft, Timber Wolf Pack, Explorer/Senior Explorer Troop and a Rover Crew.  For group information please contact John at jsympson@gmail.com.
What's the Cost?
/Dollar Sign.pngThe BPSA-AB, as well as the other BPSA Councils across Canada, strongly believe that the cost of Scouting should be as low as possible. We believe that Scouting should not just be for the rich, but that it should be available for everyone.

Our annual registration cost (2017-2018), per person, is $40.00, effective March 31, 2017, although Groups may charge slightly more depending on how they choose to finance their operations.

BPSA-AB keeps its costs down to the bare bones by being 100% volunteer operated. Our uniforms and badges are sold at cost with no mark-up. The annual registration covers our insurance premiums and a minimal amount for administration.
Already a Scout Group with Another Organization?/Weigh Scales.png
Please note that the BPSA-AB is not seeking to expand by taking groups from any other organization. Each organization has its own merit and style.  The BPSA-AB follows the original program that Baden-Powell provided along with his love for the great outdoors.

However, if you feel that what we offer better meets the needs of your local area, and more importantly your youth, then we would be pleased to help you, on an individual and private basis, to make a decision on whether or not traditional Scouting is for you.

/BPSA in Canada logo - transparent.pngThe Alberta BP Service Association provincial council is a proud prospect member of the World/WFIS logo - transparent.png
Federation of Independent Scouts. Please note that the Alberta BPSA provincial council is not affiliated with, nor part of, Scouts Canada or any other WOSM organization.
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